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Kids Art Camp


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1. Weld an artwork with Guan Dao Pen by our visual artist Ignatius Yeo
Guan Dao Pen is your all-in-one art implement - a pen, a brush, and a palette knife – for painting with any medium be it ink, watercolor, black soy sauce, kopi o gao kosong, food dye, red wine, fruit juice, etc. Ignatius Yeo will share with you the possibilities of painting with this crude yet versatile implementation.


2. Japanese Pastel Nagomi Art by our certified Advanced Pastel Nagomi Art Instructors namely Dawn Ng from Finnart, Keat Leong from Zundeng Art, Doris Yu, Tan Ping Ming and Margaret Kay from Finger Hope.  Also our young and energetic certified Pastel Nagomi Instructors Vivian Chuah and Christine. 
Japanese Pastel Nagomi Art is a Japanese pastel art form featuring ground pastel and finger-painting techniques. The nature of art-making is one that is restorative as it allows the artist to enter a “flow state”, becoming fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. Japanese Pastel Nagomi Art, through its easy to grasp finger-painting techniques, is particularly good at guiding the artist into this state.  Come join us in reconnecting to our senses as we create an art piece that exudes a sense of calm and hope!


3. Flower of Crystal Art® by Caihui Lim founder of Heart In Hand Atelier. Heart In Hand Atelier is proud to be the first Flower of Crystal Art Academy (Japan) Partner School in Singapore. Caihui is also a certified Advanced Pastel Nagomi Art Instructor.
Flower of Crystal Art® is an elegant flower blooming art from Japan that emphasizes its transparency and glow by using pastels to paint with your fingers. Together with proprietary tools from Heart in Hand Atelier to ensure creative success, everyone can create a masterpiece of FCA of their own. 


4. Mosaic by Rose Noronha from Fingers at Work
You will get to learn the basic mosaic skills, from the start to completion of your own creativity. Materials, adhesives, tiles, pebbles and grouts will be introduced with techniques of designing your art pieces. 


5. Rock Painting by Queenie Kou
Create something different this holiday. Make a gift that lasts forever. Learn to paint on rocks using paint n pens. It's fun, it's easy n it rocks. Use it as a paperweight, as a forever gift or just to impress your friends.


6. Learn the techniques and ideas of Doodling Art by Melody
You will learn more than just doodling. Melody will inspire you to bring your full creative self to the workshop and build lots of ideas on yourself as well from others. The learning process of doodling is very therapeutic. It helps you relieve stress and calms anxious nerves. Doodling can be done everywhere, anytime. All you need is a pen, a book and an open mind. Let's doodle together!

Registration closes 26 May 2021
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