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June Art Camp 2022 - Made with PosterMyWall (1).jpg
Registration closes
25 May 2022


1. Log Art by Doris Yu from Finger Hope

Have you tried painting on wood using Pastel Nagomi techniques? Join Teacher Doris to find out!


2. Flower of Crystal Art® & St. Flower Stained Glass Workshops by Caihui Lim, founder of Heart In Hand Atelier (Singapore's first Flower of Crystal Art Academy (Japan) Premium Partner School)

Flower of Crystal Art® is an elegant flower blooming art from Japan that emphasizes its transparency and glow by using pastels to paint with your fingers. Together with proprietary tools from Heart in Hand Atelier to ensure creative success, everyone can create a masterpiece of FCA of their own. 


Ever wanted to create your own stained glass artwork? Come join our St. Flower Stained Glass Workshop from the Flower of Crystal Art Academy (Japan) to create your own stained glass inspired pastel art works with the clever use of creative materials. This is a kid-friendly workshop - no fragile materials will be used!


3. Dotting Art and Rock Art by Queenie Kou

Dotting art uses the technique of applying small dots of colours to a surface to create a painting. 

Painting different images on rocks has been a favourite pass time for many. The rocks can then be used as a paperweights and also make a wonderful gifts. Join Teacher Queenie to learn these 2 artforms. 


4. Keychain Making by Shujing of Nagomi Joy Art

Have you tried toasting and shrinking a keychain charm? Join Teacher Shujing for a fun session in turning your own drawings into a unique keychain charms.

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